Artist Statement

I think art is about a moment,
a mood, creating a little world;
fun, romantic, whimsical, & colorful.

Mostly I want to make something that causes people to smile each time they walk by.

About Me

I have spent my career as a graphic artist and website designer— eventually starting my own company — but my heart began to grow restless.

I wanted to simplify things, get back to the roots, where it all started and it started with art. I never tried to be a serious fine artist and here is my beginning. 


My Mom will tell you that I started drawing at age 2; I just know I've always drawn. Painting with acrylics started in junior high and continued in college while getting my Graphic Design Degree. Although I studied art in college, I consider myself self-taught.


Other Tidbits

• Before 2015 painting was a spare time activity. When I found a moment I painted to decorate my home and completed pet portraits for friends producing maybe 1 to 3 paintings a year.

• The Noah Project: My husband says I love animals more than people; I tell him that he is my favorite person ;) I do love animals - all of them. It is a goal of mine to pay homage by painting as many animals as I can, especially endangered species and those kept as pets that shouldn't be.

• I am a mom of a special needs teenage son with Fragile X and Autism. Painting is a great stress reliever!

• I have 3 sweet fur babies. Willow and Elsa, stray kittens that were found in my Aunt and Uncles garage and Mr. Beau Jangles, an English style Golden Retriever.

• I Reside in Byron, MN; where I just convinced my husband to get one more dog! She is a Golden Retriever and her name is Savannah :)